CW Diagnostic Endoscopy

Dr Bullock performs diagnostic investigations of the upper and lower gastro-intestinal tract at Cowra District Hospital in NSW.

STEP 1: Initial Appointment

An initial 15-minute appointment is necessary so that you and the doctor understand the goals of the procedure, and consider the risks and benefits for your specific situation. If the doctor decides to proceed, you will be given an appointment for the procedure and information about how to prepare for it.

Waiting times between the initial appointment and the actual procedure are currently between 30 and 60 days, depending on how urgently it is required.

STEP 2: Day of Procedure

You will present at the hospital. If having a gastroscope, you will have fasted (ie. gone without food, limited drink) the previous night. If having a colonoscope, you will have taken 3 days to prepare your bowel for the procedure.

After your procedure, the doctor will review with you what was found, and what are the next steps for you.

The doctor will write to your GP about the outcomes of the investigation, once pathology results have arrived (which typically takes between 1 and 3 weeks).

Who, Where, When

You will be seen by Dr Bullock at all stages of your endoscopy.

All steps take place from rooms or facilities at Cowra Health Service (a.k.a Cowra District Hospital), 64 Liverpool St. Simply inform ground-floor reception that you are here to see Dr Bullock and they will know how to direct you.

Currently, consultations are available on a Monday and/or Tuesday afternoon once per month, and procedures are available on a Monday and/or Tuesday morning about once per fortnight.


Currently, Dr Bullock bulk bills Medicare for consultations, and patients electing to be treated as public patients have their procedure costs covered by NSW Health.

If you would prefer to be treated as a private patient, please ask us for a quote concerning the gap you will need to pay, as this depends partially on your health fund.

Doctor Sent the Referral

Your doctor may have sent the referral ahead of you. If so, please give us at least 2 full business days to call you to offer an appointment, before chasing it up with us.

You have the Referral

Call us on 0431 963 410 to make an appointment.

Our phone reception hours are 1pm-3pm, Mon-Thu. At other time, we are still around doing other things, so leave a message and we will call you back.

Please keep your referral in a safe spot and do your best to bring it to the appointment.

Preparing for a Colonoscope

You be given instructions about how to prepare your bowel in advance of a colonoscope.

If you have misplaced your bowel-preparation instructions, you can download another copy. here.